Friday, August 27, 2010

Liam and Hadari; a blossoming friendship


Today we had a fun gorilla interaction. At first I was nursing Liam and the baby gorilla came over to investigate but another gorilla protectively grasped his hand and led him away. A bit later Liam was standing by the gorilla exhibit with his hands on the glass and one year-old Hadari came over and placed his hands against them. It was very sweet. I wish we had a picture of it. Liam at 9 mos is about the same height and size. It was pretty cool. My friend Katy might have snapped a shot.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come on you're 19 already!

Once you get to a certain age there are no free lunches. Come on girls you are 19 weeks right now. Show me the eggs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have a couple new girls in my life

No, I don't mean new friends..although I have been so lucky to meet some cool, new people lately. Like many of my new friends these girls make milk too (or will soon enough). Nope these girls are of the 4 legged variety in the Caprine family. They will legally be mine soon but won't come home until this fall at the earliest or next spring at the latest. Let me introduce them to you. First there is Angelina. She is a doeling just born this spring. She is out of a beautiful herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats bred by Megan Serfling out of Serfling Farms in South Dakota.

Her sister in milk will be Iris out of Promessa in Daykin, Nebraska. Iris' mother is a 4+lb milker and we hope Iris will be too. We will breed her first so that my first kidding and milking experiences will be with a more experienced doe. I will breed them alternatingly in spring and fall to have year round milk. Unlike most goats Nigerian Dwarf goats are year-round breeders. The idea of fresh milk and baby goats twice a year makes me giddy!

This is what her former owner had to say about Iris. "Iris is for sale to a milking home. She kidded with a single buckling in May and is being a super mom. She comes out to the milkstand and gets right on, she stands quietly for milking, and waits until I'm done with both goats on the stands. Iris is a bit shy at first, but once warmed up is quite friendly, loves to be petted and given treats.She has been led around a little by the collar. While I love the looks of her open ribbing and deep wide body, her udder just isn't quite up to show ring standards, though it will be a functional useful udder. She milks out well and can be a wonderful milk producer for someone wanting great tasting milk in a small package. Her dam is a good 4+ lb milker who has a long and persistant lactation, and I expect she will match that at least as a mature doe, as her sire's dam was also a very good milker. "
I am so excited to embark on this new adventure in healthy, sustainable living and eating!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What happened to time being on my side?

Well I have been using it! I may have to go back and do some make-up blogs. Since I last posted we've been busy no time to sit around blogging. And babies are mobile so not as much sitting around nursing and typing either!

This is what we've been up to....
By chance found out my great-great grandparents lived one block from where I live for the final 20 and 30 years of their lives unbeknownst to me or my parents until now.
Spent a week visiting my parents.
Got together with friends from high school.
Hubby ended up sick and in the ER.
Went to a family reunion.
Threw a fairy themed party for my three year old, Etta.
Annie and Liam have started crawling.
Liam is cruising.
Annie now has a tooth.
I had a root canal and crown..lucky me!
Hubby has taken a summer break from pursuing his Master's degree.
We went "cabin" camping on the Platte River.
Just made arrangements to purchase 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats.
Hubby will likely finish the chicken coop today (trimwork left to do, of course).

Hmm all that on top of getting together with friends, going to storytime, daily "treasure" hunts for the first egg etc......No wonder I haven't posted a thing in a month!!!