Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another whirlwind month

It seems I just posted the other day but in fact it has been some time. In the past month my daughter Annie's eyes have started sparkling with mischief. She is climbing on tables and chairs and stairs. Liam is trying to figure this tornado out and defend himself from her. Like Annie he is working on his two top front teeth. Etta is continually growing and amazing us with the things she is picking up. Her ability to imaginatively play by herself for long stretches is fun to watch and very helpful to me. She is enjoying playing with friends and library storytime.
We spent a week out visiting family and going to the state fair. More on that in a separate post. The coop is still in the same state as the last time I posted but the girls don't mind and we got our first eggs while gone on vacation. We are cleaning up the backyard (a huge task) so we can call to get our coop inspected for a permit. We had a chicken go "free range" last week so we figure we better get on it.
It has been a month of blessingways. 3 in about as many recent weeks. I am blessed to be a part of them all. I might do a blessingway post at a later time.
My hubby is taking another term off in an attempt to get on top of the honey-do list that seems to persist. We celebrated our 5th anniversary the other day with a picnic to a park area near the river. We picked up Delice to go and the whole family ebjoyed the mild weather and fresh air.