Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Time on my side

Nothing makes me happier than when time is on my side. This morning was a prime example. Thanks goes to hubby for staying home from work in case Etta was still sick. With the help with the kiddos I managed to salvage the last of my organic apples. We had started to feed them to the chickens because they were beyond fresh eating and I didn't know when I might have time to get to them. Those chickens eat too well at our house! Anyway I put them all to their "best possible use" which I love. I have a real hierarchy worked out; good pieces for dehydrating, smaller bits and odd pieces to the apple sauce (with some peaches that were nearing their end and odd bits of banana that weren't suited for dehydrating), apple peels and other small bits to the chickens, seeds and really core bits to the compost. Ahh the little things that bring me joy!

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