Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stepping on my path to freedom

With the Path to Freedom folks trying to steal my path to freedom or at least my ability to speak about it using a universal language I am compelled to forego my much needed sleep to write a new blog entry. (Anyone who knows the extent of my lack of sleep given my sleep challenged twins knows this must be serious!) ;) Does my blog entry do anything to take back my right to use the phrase "urban homestead"? No! But as an urban homesteader I am defiant and will not be told what words I can and can not use nor what I can and can not do. Defiance! It is one of the urban homestead core principles I feel. Urban homesteaders are much like the settlers that homesteaded our country in some ways I imagine. Many would say it can't be done. It is impossible to do this thing you desire! But we know with patience and fortitude we will prevail. And once I have a certain little Health Dept permit in my grubby little hands and I know I'm not going to jinx it by proclaiming victory in a public domain I will share a little story about perserverance and what it can yield. But for now I have an aching back from typing one-handed while NAK so I will sign off with a simple statement. Piss-off Dervaes!

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