Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban homesteaders; the characters

I would wager that anyone who calls themselves an urban homesteader is a character. I also imagine there are several supporting characters. So here is an introduction to ours.

The hard working man behind all our endeavors. Builder, planner, prepper, soon-to-be beekeeper.

Big sister who is growing up with a different life experience than most kids her age in this city. We hope to further her "real" education by homeschooling her.


The twins that contribute to the chaos. Gigglers, mess makers, garden helpers.

Nadia, the first non-human addition to our lives before we even envisioned our current lifestyle. Defender of the chickens and guardian of the humans.

The nameless girls and their beautiful petticoats. Entertainers , bug hunters, orb makers.

Coming soon:

Sisters in Milk
Iris, soon-to-be mama of twins or more??

Angelina, soon-to-be first time mama.

Me, the mama who wrangles this bunch. Gardener, schemer, soon-to be-milker.


  1. Kate - great to meet your family and goats. Enjoy the milking and the milk. You're going to love it. Best, Karl & Margaret @tenapplefarm

  2. Goats, chickens AND babies.. :-) I'm totally jealous!
    You holler if you need another pair of hands for projects. I think we're not too far away.

  3. Not to mention fabulous cowl wearer. You rock.

    PS: this is Becca... Logged out of my own computer...